Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Consideration of eigenvalues of adjacency matrix of graph and their applications    M.Sc.    Rezaei Abdollhossein Zadeh, Irandokht    0000-00-00
2    Generalized maximum flow problem and some solution procedures    M.Sc.    Heydari, Donya    0000-00-00
3    Recursive Self Preconditioning Method Based on Schur Complement for Toeplitz Matrices            0000-00-00
4    A parallel algorithm for resolution analysis in seismic tomography            0000-00-00
5    A new iterative method based on a block symmetric matrix for solving linear systems    Ph.D    Nasabzadeh, Hamideh    2011-01-22
6    A new preconditioner for CG method for Toeplitz systems    M.Sc.    kazemi beydokhti, mansooreh    2011-02-04
7    investigation of the domination number on critical graph    M.Sc.    nadafan, farzaneh    2011-04-04
8    An Arnoldi based algorithm for large algebric Riccati equations    M.Sc.    naghdebishi, zahra    2011-05-10
9    Improving the accuracy of GMRES with deflated restarting    M.Sc.    asgari, zahra    2011-05-10
10    Flexible BICG an flexible BI-CGSTAB for solving nonsymmetric linear systems    M.Sc.    rezai tarahomi, kaveh    2011-05-10
11    A nonstandard finite-difference scheme for the Lotka-Volterra system    M.Sc.    afshar ghatali, raziyeh    2011-05-11
12    Matrix iterative solutions to the least squares problem of BXA^T=F with some linear constraints    M.Sc.    ramzani ghalebala, elham    2011-05-26
13    Normal and skew-Hermitian splitting iteration method and its generalizations    M.Sc.    hezari, davoud    2011-09-16
14    Dual based methods for uncapacitated facility location problems    Ph.D    Monabbati, Ehsan    2011-09-20
15    General Linear Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations    M.Sc.    zarei, vahid    2012-04-30
16    Evaluating preconditioned Jacobi-type methods for solving Linear Systems    M.Sc.    aghnikvani, maryam    2012-05-04
17    Improving SOR iterative method by preconditioning for special matrices    M.Sc.    bagheri niya, elham    2012-05-04
18    Numerical methods for solving high order linear Volterra and Fredholm-Volterra integro-differential equations    M.Sc.    Dolat Abadi, zohreh    2012-05-21
19    A parallel method for seismic tomographic inversion    M.Sc.    Meskaranian, Mahjoobeh    2012-06-04
20    The matrix equations AX=B , XC=D with special constraints    M.Sc.    edalat pour, vahid    2012-08-22
21    Gegenbauer Spectral Methods for Solving Numrically Time-Fractional Partial Differential Equations    Ph.D    Izadkhah, Mohammad Mahdi    2012-10-16
22    New iterative methods based on the Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting for solving linear matrix equations    Ph.D    Khorsand, Mohammad    2012-12-17
23    The Block Least Squares Method for Solving Matrix Equations    Ph.D    mojarrab, maryam    2013-03-12
24    Implicit Radial Bases Function Method for Partial Differential Equations    M.Sc.    Izadshenas, Robabeh    2013-05-11
25    Comparision of the LSQR, LSMR, and GMRES methods for solving least squares    M.Sc.    karegar, zahra    2013-05-12
26    Iterative methods for solving the generalized inverse of toeplitz matrices    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, akram    2013-05-19
27    iteration methods for solving algebraic equations based on Newton and Homotopy methods    M.Sc.    amini, saeide    2013-06-04
28    Application of singular value decomposition to the image processing    M.Sc.    rahimiyan, maryam    2013-06-04
29    Investigating generalizations of the Euler-Maclaurin Summation Formula and its Applications    M.Sc.    Behzadi, Reza    2013-06-04
30    A New Approach for Numerical Solution of Some Classes of Differential and Integral Equations    Ph.D    TOHIDI, EMRAN    2013-12-08
31    Order condition and symmetry for two- step hybrid methods    M.Sc.    khodayi nafte, zohre    2014-02-10
32    The moving least square reproducing kernel method and its convergence analysis    M.Sc.    tahan, fatemeh    2014-05-12
33    A preconditioned dual affine interior point method for minimum cost network flow problems    M.Sc.    asadi, mitra    2014-05-12
34    A nonstandard finite difference scheme for a mathematical model of the prevalence of smoking    M.Sc.    hasanpour, afsaneh    2014-05-12
35    Investigating of harmonic Arnoldi method and harmonic Rayleigh Ritz procedure and their extension for computing the interior eigenvalues of a large matrix    M.Sc.    ghadamyari, somayyeh    2014-05-12
36    Solving linear systems using some combinatorial approaches    Ph.D    rezai tarahomi, kaveh    2014-05-17
37    An Iterative methods for computing outer inverses with prescribed range and null spaces based on Penrose equations    M.Sc.    Hatami sini, Esmaeil    2014-06-16
38    Accelerating the Convergence of Krylov subspace methods for the Drazin-inverse solution of singular linear systems    Ph.D    Buzhabadi, Reza    2014-06-16
39    Matrix differentiation and its applications    M.Sc.    naseri, samane    2014-11-17
40    Noise Reduction in Image Processing Based on Partial Differential Equations    Ph.D    mohamadi, neda    2015-02-01
41    A New Parallel Iterative Algorithm for Solving 2D Poisson Equation    M.Sc.    barzegar, fezeh    2015-05-06
42    Numerical Approximation of cyclic steam injection models in oil reservoirs by using multigrid method    Ph.D    hajinezhad, haniye    2015-09-09
43    Investigation of some Krylov subspace methods for shifted linear systems    M.Sc.    ESTINI, ATEFEH    2015-10-27
44    روش های تکراری مبتنی بر GI و LSI برای حل معادلات ماتریسی و معادلات ماتریسی سیلوستر تعمیم یافته    M.Sc.    nikoukar, samaneh    2015-12-22
45    Improvement of convergence of CMRH Method and its development    Ph.D    Ramezani, Zohreh    2016-01-25
46    Block CMRH method and its development for solving the matrix equations    Ph.D    amini, saeide    2016-01-25
47    An Eulerian Network Model on Air Traffic Flow and Control    Ph.D    Hooshyar Sadeghian, Mahboobeh    2016-01-27
48    Improving AOR iterative method by preconditioning for special matrices    M.Sc.    kiyani rad, mahjoobe    2017-08-07